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I randomly chose Anchor Physical therapy because of their outstanding reviews and was very glad that I did. I saw Mark for several weeks in the spring and summer for limited range of motion issues with my neck. Mark was very thorough and gave me some much needed relief from the discomfort I was experiencing. He also gave me some great exercises to do at home and at my work desk to relieve my neck muscles during the day. In addition, the facility is spotless and his administrative staff is excellent with scheduling and processing insurance forms. I am very happy to give this 5 star review to Anchor Physical Therapy...thanks Mark.
Colleen Robillard
Mark Torok and Anchor Physical Therapy helped me through two consecutive hip surgeries. I really appreciated the great therapy, great location, excellent support staff and friendly service. I am now pain free and fully mobile, but if and when I need PT again I will certainly return.
I strained a muscle in lower back which caused leg weakness and stabbing pain. Anchor Physical Therapy was able to fit me in quickly and things worked out well. I had a few therapy sessions and a workout plan that cured things. I would recommend them and definitely use them again if needed.
Joe Bronk
Top notch! Best experience I’ve had with physical therapy to date! Only clinic I will go to from now on
stan bailey
I have been to Anchor twice in the last 4 years, once for shoulder replacement therapy and one for back injury therapy. I have actually been to 5 PT clinics in the Narragansett area in the last 20 years and while most were good, Anchor is above them all. Mark was actually recommended to me by another therapist and I have recommended Anchor Physical Therapy and Mark to several friends who were treated by him. I have even reached out to Mark for advice regarding post-therapy issues. I will continue to recommend Mark and his staff to everyone who needs therapy. I consider Anchor the #1 PT clinic in the area.
Joan Mulligan
My son and I were hit by a distracted driver (rear end collision) that resulted in a concussion and whiplash, respectively. I was referred to Anchor by my physician for physical therapy. I was seen by Mark who over the last couple of months, has helped me get back to feeling human again. He and his staff are knowledgeable, caring, professional and courteous. Please consider this group if you're in need of therapy, you won't be disappointed!!~Nicole
Nicole Calabrese - NOAA Federal
After years of lower back pain and several back spasms, I gave physical therapy another try. I'm really glad I did because my experience with Dr. Mark was unlike any other physical therapy experience I've had. Dr. Mark really knows what he's talking about and he pushes you to work hard in order to rehab your body. You can tell he really cares about wether you get better or not. He is not just going through the motions like you get at other physical therapy offices. I am now pain free from the first time in years and I feel stronger and more mobile than ever.
Marina Solda
I had a total knee replacement on Monday December 10, 2018 and started PT the following week. I was experiencing a lot of pain and stiffness at that time and honestly i had difficulty with most of my daily activities. I started being very depressed and doubtful about my being able to walk normal again. Mark, my therapist, did the initial evaluation and heard all my issues and concerns I told myself that PT was my highest hope for recovery so I began the process which was painful the first 3 weeks. Gradually the exercises become tolerably and easier. My initial goal was the ability to walk normally, bend my knee and be like i was before. By the end of 3 months now I am walking around the neighbor and doing most of my daily chores with ease. I am so grateful that I had Physical therapy and honestly I feel that Mark and his staff were the key to my recovery. Do I recommend them over someone else? Hell yeah, I have relatives that got injured at the physical therapy before. Mark knows what he is doing and definitely knows what he is talking about. I can only speak from my own experience and say that I am walking as I was expecting and I owe it to him.
Marisa Williams
"I requested Anchor physical therapy' Up when my doctor suggested I needed to go and see if they could do anything about the fluid that was gathering around my knee and see if there was anything to strengthen my back. I was surprised at the general friendliness at this place. Everyone greeted me and made me feel at home and smiles everywhere. Never did I feel uncomfortable or out of place or self-conscious. I have improved and need to continue my exercises so that I can give my doctor a better report when I see her on my next visit. Thanks to Dr. Mark Torok on his guidance for me to reach this goal and continue on this path."
Baklava Guy
I Want to give a shout out to Mark and the team at Anchor Physical Therapy for getting me well on my way to recovery from a knee replacement this past January. I am continuing at home with the care plan provided and making good progress. Returned to work already and looking forward to a full recovery. I was a former patient of another Physicaltherapy business in wakefield, for a previous knee surgery,but i didn't receive the same high level of professional and personal care. I will definitely recommend Mark Tork and his Anchor Physical Therapy to others whenever possible. Thank you Mark for everything.
Keon Smith
Mark who provides excellent, professional, customized physical therapy diagnosed the possibility of my meniscus tear even before I had an MRI that confirmed it. I've now had the necessary surgery and am returning to Anchor for more therapy. I highly recommend Anchor.
Karen Mensel
I have experienced several surgeries and other physical issues that required physical therapy over the past two years. By happenstance (without any recommendation) I made my first appointment with Anchor Physical Therapy two years ago. Since that time I and other members of my family have come to realize the extent of my (our) good fortune. Physical Therapist Mark Torok is exceptional. He takes great interest in his patients, his knowledge is extensive, and he helps guide the recovery process in a logical, progressive manner. I highly recommend Mark for any physical therapy needs.
Steve schimmel
I was referred to Anchor Physical therapy by my orthopedic surgeon. I had been going to rehab for my third hip surgery here in Wakefield, only to find the wrong protocol was being followed. Mark had the challenges of taking me behind schedule, with a previous hip surgery not fully healed, and bringing me through my current rehab/surgery.I was truly blessed to be switched to his facility. He is professional, honest and real.He kept me motivated week after week and yesterday February 12, 2019 I was discharged and feel like a strong healed individual. He has a plan in place for me going forth independently and made clear communication available.His staff was always friendly and accommodating and this really is the atmosphere to be in heal. One on one face to face with the same consistency is integral!Congratulations Anchor Congratulations Mark for being passionate and dedicated!Susanne
I was so happy to find this physical therapy clinic that matched all of my needs. It is clean with all encompassing equipment (even fun cutting edge physical therapy instruments like the wobble stick) and a couple tvs for entertainment. Mark, PT and owner, has an mba and doctorate in physical therapy. He will taylor your experience for exactly what you need if it is returning to sports, sleeping, or just recovering from aches and pains. I have gone through a half dozen physical therapy clinics with past injuries and this clinic is by far the best. He sees his patients on time, uses stim activation and manual therapy to release knots.
Alex Albanese
Anchor physical therapy, Mark & staff are hands down the best! From the friendliness of the staff to Marks quality procedures and professionalism. As a physically active individual it is nice knowing I can always rely on Anchor Physical Therapy in making sure my body is feeling great.
Nick Clarke
This is the most professional and knowledgeable physical therapy clinic I've ever been to. Mark Torok was able to determine and treat an issue I've been having for years since I ran track in college. He evaluated me on the first appointment and suggested that I be immediately referred to a local orthopedic surgeon for further tests (apparently he worked with these guys in the past and has a direct line to them as I got in the next day) and after a quick surgery I was back at his office for rehab. Four weeks later I was back to 100%. This is the place, hands down.
Timothy Gonet